About Us

We Create Unique Experiences

MWIZE AND LEINE COMPANY LIMITED is consultancy firm incorporated in 2016 under the laws of Uganda by natural resources scientists and management professionals. We therefore offer services and inputs packages depending on the demand of our customers with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

The company offers wide range of services including agribusiness diagnosis, natural resources management, agribusiness, environmental quality management, life cycle assessment, cleaner production and many more as well as training there in to the following institutions: Nongovernmental organizations, Individual or group of farmers and associations, Government and private Companies.

Our services range from associate advisory and management as individuals or as firm with capabilities ranging from fisheries and aquaculture, energy and environment, water, wastewater and air quality using the modern technologies for sustainable development. We have markets in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and China.

We improve and or establish our customers’ existing management and advisory base by applying our knowledge, skills, excellence and experience using our dedicated and integrity team in the most recent, efficient and modern technologies available to achieve the cost effective and precise outcomes for a win- win business relationship.

Our customers are considered leaders in their respective businesses therefore we provide a service equal to their needs.